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Carey Hollinger

Carey Hollinger

Carey is a filmmaker who works as a director individually, but he is also collaborating with Scott Betty for the directing team named Duo.

He is specialized in connecting with Millenial and Generation Z audiences. He uses a mixture of vérité, real people and documentarian styles to create media pieces that transcend traditional commercial spaces. The format has proven successful in increasing viewer engagement in the targeted demographic. Furthermore, his commercials specifically support social media and web campaigns to best penetrate the targeted market.

He’s for people and their stories. He is at home in the street, on the road,up a mountain or deep in a jungle. He produces consistent results by way of a confident, lighthearted, personable approach that puts people at ease by engaging in conversation.

Originally from New Zealand, Careyis now based in Los Angeles having cut his teeth in Toronto, Canada.

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