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Curtis Wehrfritz

Curtis Wehrfritz

Curtis Wehrfritz began his film career directing music videos for artists such as Leonard Cohen and Crowded House and went on to win multiple awards in categories for Best Direction and Best Music Video.

In 1994, Wehrfritz signed with Untitled Films as one of the founding commercial directors of its roster. He has since gone on to win awards at Cannes, One Show, D+AD, The Clios, ADCC, Marketing Awards and The Bessies. He has been listed on The Gunn Report and had his work featured in Applied Arts, Archive and Shots.

Wehrfirtz won a Silver Pencil at the One Show for his work with Red Urban on Volkswagen ‘’Bellies’’ Wehrfritz has worked with numerous clients such as Air Canada, BMW, Coca-Cola, Dove, Honda, McDonalds, Microsoft, Molson, Nike, Nissan, Old Spice, Smirnoff, Visa and Volkswagen.

Wehrfritz is also a celebrated photographer, recently his modern daguerreotypes were exhibited at The Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona, Florida. His photos have also been exhibited internationally at Art Basil-Miami, Contact Photography, the London Photographic Awards, FotoFest Houston, 23 Sandy Gallery, Red Line Gallery, and BilbaoArte, Urazurrutia, and Bilbao.


SKODA - Yeti

SVW - SUV Family

VW - Ice Cream

VW - GTD Gum

VW- Expectations

DODGE - Journey

KFC - Coffe

FOODLAND - Fall Winter

HUAWEI - Silly boy