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Juan Manuel Montero

Juan Manuel Montero

A restless soul of a creative nature, after working for different agencies—both as an Art Director and a Creative Director—he decided to take a step in a different direction.

Coming from an eclectic background when it to education, he managed to channel his advertising experience, his love of photography and his need to tell stories into filmmaking. He is constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills in the realms of photography, screenwriting, acting and other pursuits. He is capable of combining his staging and cinematography abilities with Ikebana lessons to achieve a beautiful result. He can tell a story full of heart, texture and simplicity from an advertising angle. Sensitive and captivating, he likes plunging into stories to arouse genuine emotions.

A champion of teamwork, he always manages to find subtle triggering elements to add unique, personal touches to his films.

CLARIN 365 - Dormiste


LA VIRGINIA - Ogilvy & Mather

WIX - Les Argentines


PICARAS - Gorreros