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Sebastian Wehkamp

Sebastian Wehkamp

Sebastian Wehkamp was born in Münster, Germany. From an early age on he had a passion for theater, performing in an Internationalen Youth Circus, it was here he developed an early understanding of timing and staging.

During his Masters of Art Studies; Sebastian directed TV-Commercials for both Canadian and Australian market. He also worked as a dubbing studio director for Nickelodeon.

His passion for lifestyle and fashion has continued to be a driving force in shaping both his stylistic approach and sensibility as a director over the past 8 years. He brings an authentic, and sometimes bold, but always lightness of eye that has become part of the very DNA of his work.

In his spare time Sebastian uses his marketing skills for the charity NGO which he founded in 2011.




ANSONS - California

VODAFONE - Moments

JOHN GALIANO - Fragrance No.1

BNYC - New noise

SINALCO - Einfach lecker