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Gabriel Rocca

Gabriel Rocca

Gabriel Rocca is a photographer and director, his renowned career of 30 years begins in his native Argentina as a recognized photographer in rock in Argentina and Latin America, although his true consecration came when his career took a new direction dedicated to the world of fashion and TV. His particular style marked a milestone in the fashion world and transported him to different places around the world, where he produced advertising campaigns both in photography and in the direction of films for important international brands.

In Mexico he made campaigns for Matusalem, Chrysler, Cadillac, Sears, Banamex, BMW, the latter was awarded at the Cannes Lions Festival and at the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication with Sol de Oro. Photo campaign for the TV series Mujeres Kill the most important celebrities, actresses and actors in Mexico. He also carried out campaigns for retails in Latin America, Ripley and Falabella in Chile and Colombia, Oechsle in Peru. Production of series for LifesyleTV and fashion films for several fashion brands in Argentina. In London he made the global Make It Count campaign for Nike and in Italy for the Becos Milano professional aesthetic institute.

Photographic samples and books portray his works, highlighting his special attraction for black and white. Contrasts, composition and lights framed portraits of the most important celebrities. Characters of art, cinema, fashion, music and sports. In recent times, he ventured into television as a content generator, expanding his development as a producer and director. Without neglecting his great passion for photography, he will carry out a great retrospective of his career that will tour Argentina and Latin America.