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Hatty Gottschalk

Hatty Gottschalk

Hatty studied photography at University Bielefeld (Nord-Rhein Westfalen). It was both there, in his native Germany, and in London (UK) that he worked as Chief Photographer for the Vogelsänger Group until the late 80’s.

Having moved to Singapore in 1990 for a new chapter in his career, he was Chief Photographer at First Photo Suppliers for four years, followed by a decade with Hanchews Studios (Singapore, Malaysia) as Chief Photographer / D.O.P.

In 2005, he made the passage to China, and worked for Idea Digital Imaging in Shanghai. It was there that he was hired by Shooting Gallery / Wishing Well Asia to work at their brand new studio at the end of 2010.
Hatty Gottschalk is an award-winning advertising and editoral photographer, whose clients include, Citibank, Compaq, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Nokia.

This globetrotter has photographed in countries around the world, from Canada, Germany, Great-Britain and Spain, to most countries in South-East Asia, as well as Australia, New-Zealand, and of course China.

He has shot numerous campaigns and ads for a long list of agencies and direct clients. His work has been featured in Campaign Brief Asia, PDN and Lürzers Archive, amongst others.