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Jose Manuel Pérez

Jose Manuel Pérez

José Manuel is a Photographer from Galicia but he’s living in between Barcelona and London.

He studied Economics and used to work in a bank; although he felt that something wasn’t right. At some point, while at the University, he travelled to Mexico along with a theater group, where he was unexpectedly drawn towards the path of Photography.

After the journey, he begun studying Photography, and afterwards he moved to Barcelona. During the next six years, he worked as assistant for internationally renowned Photographers, in high level productions such as: Adidas, EA Sports, Nike, Hugo Boss, Play Station, Rexona, Mizuno or Lufthansa.

For him, Photography became a question of feelings and sensations, a way of life which allows him to be in touch with everything he likes to do.

José Manuel was a Photographer in-house in Massimo Dutti for 2 years.

In between his clients there are renowned international brands and agencies such as Mastercard, Asics, Freixenet, McCann Erickson London and Saatchi & Saatchi London.